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Automating transcriptions of Icelandic speech

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Speak to devices

Tiro is at the forefront in the field of speech recognition in Icelandic, which is the technology that converts speech into text. Tiro's speech recognition can be tested by creating an account for our editor.

Devices get a voice

Speech synthesis is the technology that converts text into spoken language. New Icelandic speech synthesis voices were developed in collaboration between the Reykjavík University, Grammatek and Tiro as part of the Language Technology Programme for Icelandic.

Increased accesability

Integrating web readers into websites make them more accessible. The web reader was developed by the Reykjavik University and Tiro hosts the voices it uses.

RÚV stream requires Javascript support

Live captions of RÚV broadcasting

Real-time speech recognition can increase accessibility and help to get messages of your content to as many people as possible. In the player you can see Tiro's real-time speech recognition system caption the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service.

Our services

Captions in realtime

Live broadcasts become more accessible with automatic captioning in real time.

Speech recognition

We create user-friendly solutions based on Icelandic language technology and artificial intelligence. We have years of experience in developing and implementing solutions where data protection and data security is of the highest priority.


Add captions to your video with the help of artificial intelligence. Tiro's transcript editor helps you add captions quickly and reliably.

About Tiro

Tiro is a technology company that bridges the gap between speech and writing. We create user-friendly solutions based on language and artificial intelligence where we allow users to talk and listen to computers and systems instead of writing and reading. Tiro's employees have many years of experience working with Icelandic speech recognition in both research and development of solutions. Tiro aims to be consistently at the forefront of the quality and range of speech recognition solutions for Icelandic.

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