Villa kom upp í veflesaranum. Vinsamlega endurhlaðið síðuna og prófið aftur.


Gain a bigger audience

It has been proven that many already choose to watch their content online without sound, reading the captions for context. Tiro's transcript service helps you in adding Icelandic subtitles to your video, and subsequently it will be easy to add your captions using most video players, including Facebook and YouTube.

Access for all.

For many groups of people, uncaptioned videos lead to exclusion. By adding captions, you can ensure access for hearing impared and/or deaf people, for example. In addition, individuals who don't have Icelandic as a native language can watch and understand your content more readily with subtitles.

It’s never been this easy to get Icelandic subtitles.

We have professional proofreaders at our disposal, guaranteeing that your transcript will be as accurate as can be. One secure per-minute price for captioning.


Let artificial intelligence do most of the work for you. Our Online Transcriber gives you a rough draft with precise timestamps for every word and saves you time and work.

Simple and Easy

User-friendly interface allows anyone the possibility to caption their video.

Captions for every video

Export to various file types that work for most video players: SRT, WebVTT and more.

If questions arise

Don't hesitate to send us a message on Facebook, check out our YouTube channel or send us an email.

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